A Guide to Constructive Feedback

A Guide to Constructive Feedback Whether you’re a business owner or have accumulated experience in the industry, constructive feedback can be a tad tricky. If you fail to tread carefully, it can come off as a personal attack. On the other hand, use it wisely and you’ll have the ability to boost productivity and company [...]

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6 Business Time Wasters

6 Business Time Wasters Did you know that the average sales professional dedicates only a third of their day actually selling? Between data entry, administrative duties, and lead management, it can be difficult finding extra (if any) spare hours in a workday. Check out these six business time wasters below and start reclaiming your routine. Immersing [...]

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5 Ways to be Productive During Your Break

You take a moment to glance up at the clock and it’s already noon. You hear a slight growl and look down at your stomach which has been making noise for the past hour. You still have so much left to do, but you’re aware that you need to take a brain break. You shrug [...]

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3 Steps to Amazing Customer Experience

3 Steps to Amazing Customer Experience Did you know that it requires less money to retain a customer than obtaining a new one? Whenever a customer leaves your business, it’s not just the products or services they remember, it’s the experience. Customer experience accumulates with each interaction and if it’s a positive one, it has [...]

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5 Strategies for a Productive Meeting

5 Strategies for a Productive Meeting Most often people have a love-hate relationship with meetings. In some instances, they go extremely well. In others, you’re running in circles and before you know it, it has already been two hours. Meetings, like any other tasks in business, take time — valuable time. Our ActionCOACH team has [...]

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