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Business coaching was not something I had ever really considered before meeting Marco or reading ActionCOACH reviews. Most business coaches seemed to fall into the category of “kindly, retired professionals” who relied on a set of basic generic principles. Not so with Marco. From our first meeting, I could sense that there was something very different about his approach. The primary aim of our first meeting was for him to fully-understand my business and the issues that I was facing. Even having this conversation brought clarity, and made me realise that working in my business and on my business are two very different concepts.

I have a degree in Business Management, and had been running Larrytech for 11 years when I first spoke to Marco. As such, it was easy to wonder what somebody external to the business and industry could bring. Where to start? Working with Marco has given me a fresh perspective on everything I am doing. From the development of a series of 90-day-plans, I started to develop a real strategy with objectives. Additionally, I started to measure key areas of the business that were previously undocumented and ill understood.

Reflecting over the last year of coaching, it is amazing to realise the amount of progress that has been made. I can say now that I spend over half of my time working on the business, planning and driving things forward. I am much more careful with my time, and prioritise work accordingly. The knock-on benefit on the team is also very tangible, with everybody working towards much more clearly defined goals, with a real sense of purpose.

In pure financial terms, we have delivered a 20% increase in turnover in what has been a very difficult economic year. More impressively, this growth was exceeded by our 700% increase in profitability!

Coaching works. Any business owner with an ambition to grow and succeed should seriously consider taking on the level of guidance, support and accountability that Marco can bring.

Lawrence Hardcastle BSc (Hons)
managing director @ Larrytech

How franchise feedback created great winners

Business Coaching Company, ActionCOACH became the first franchise to receive “Five Star Franchisee Satisfaction” status at the annual Best Franchise Conference, held in Birmingham on the 5th December 2013. The success of the winners highlights several areas in which ActionCOACH excels in based on anonymous feedback from current Franchise Partners of the firm. The unique Franchise Satisfaction Survey (put together by franchise consultancy Smith & Henderson) aims to gather an honest and transparent perspective of the opportunity so that future prospects can get a realistic feel for the company. In ActionCOACH’s case the results soared to new heights as they received over 94% in several areas.

To advise readers on what attracts franchise partners, we are running a series of interviews with the four winning franchisors beginning here with Ian Christelow, the Co-Founder of ActionCOACH UK.

On top of ActionCOACH UK’s guaranteed monthly income together with all the usual attractions of a franchised business plus the guaranteed income model Action offers three huge intangibles which are attracting more and more high calibre people to our team:

  • The fulfilment of helping someone achieve great things in their business and a fantastic life style is immense and all of the personal thanks you receive as an Action coach stay with you forever.
  • The personal development and growth is beyond everyone’s expectations, just ask any of our Franchise Partners.
  • The team around you is incredible! As a team member, you can ask any one of our network of over 1,000 business coaches around the world for help and it will be there for you.

“I personally work very closely with all of our Franchise Partners, whenever there’s a gathering of six or more franchise partners, I’m there. Last year, I spent over 70 days working and socialising with groups of our Action Business Coaches, whether it’s training days, planning days, conferences or family days out doing something like Dragon Boat racing, it’s great to get alongside the team, have some fun and pick up some learnings along the way. This has been essential for our team’s growth, as we have now built such strong lasting relationships within our community of Franchise Partners” says Ian.

“The support we offer is ongoing and we provide each of our Franchise Partners with their own 1-2-1 Action Business Coach to work with until they’re banking over £12k per month. Our latest addition to our support team has generated a 59% increase in average bankings for our coached Franchise Partners in the last four months!”

“Another great investment we have made for our Franchise Partners is our Client Generation Centre, which produces a staggering 700+ booked meetings with prospective clients per month. They also handle all of the administrative touches, so our Franchise Partners can focus on delivery and helping their clients achieve their goals and dreams.”

“Then of course, we have the World’s Number 1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars, contributing directly to the support of our Partners by committing three weeks a year to UK touring. This year Brad will speak to approximately 10,000 Business Owners – we typically sign up a new client for every 10 seminar attendees, so expect 1,000 new clients which is more than enough to feed our entire team of Franchise Partners this year.

“The anonymous feedback in the Smith & Henderson Franchisee Satisfaction Survey has been overwhelming this year and last. It’s fulfilling to hear positive comments from our Franchise Partners and to be recognised as one of the top three franchises in the UK for satisfaction, validates all of the skill and hard work of our support team members. We will continue to work hard on maintaining healthy win:win relationships with our Franchise Partners to develop the profitability and enjoyment of their ActionCOACH business”

Two quotes from Franchise Partners acknowledging ActionCOACH’s excellence:

“Becoming an ActionCOACH is definitely the best decision I have ever made.  My clients are like my new family and I have such a fantastic community around me. They all get on so well with each other which is great.”

Pam Feathersone, Franchise Partner

“The best training of my life and made some really special relationships with the total team.”

Andy Camfield, Franchise Partner      


Media Contact: Stephanie Jones


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3 thoughts on “ActionCOACH Reviews

  1. Dave Robinson

    Hi, I’ve been searching for reviews of ActionCOACH online and it’s hard to find real testimonials on any organisation so grateful for the content here. Many thanks

  2. David Shapcott

    I have read a lot of ActionCOACH reviews, over the past few months and with what I’ve seen they have a lot of happy clients from all over the world. They have helped 10s of thousands of business owners over the years and there are more and more people getting help from Business Coaches.

    I work in the UK and over the years I have seen many businesses opening their doors, and within a short time of doing so they have closed up shop again because they can’t keep the business afloat.

    But as I have been seeing more and more of lately, by reading various ActionCOACH reviews, they have stopped many business owners from having to close their doors for good, as they have shown them what it takes to keep a business running properly and effectively.

    With the recession it has been hard for business owners, especially those with smaller businesses as these are the more vulnerable ones, to keep the money coming in. But by reading reviews of ActionCOACH, it has been shown that you can increase your turnover and profit margins so that you can secure you financial future.

  3. Lee Evans

    I was always skeptical about what a business coach could bring to an organisation, then we met Neale Lewis in Derby who was influencial in helping our business through a very difficult time. Now we couldn’t do without a coach monitoring our activities as there is always something we miss. My advice would be to give it a free trial (I think ActionCOACH offer this) i.e. a free complementary business coaching session and see if it works for you – nothing to lose that way.

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